This individual tab was created to emphasize that infidelity is one of my specialty areas. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) I hold several certifications in assisting couples heal from emotional as well as physical affairs (see bottom asterisk). Infidelity Therapy consists of stages and skills. There are three stages couples progress through to healing: (1) The Impact Stage, (2) The Search for Meaning Stage, and finally (3) The Recovery Stage. Each step has unique hurdles and skills to acquire. I have combined my training, as well as experiences, over 25 years in practice to come up with a comprehensive list of what to expect from the initial impact to recovery and moving forward.

This section presents a unique model of forgiveness developed specifically for the use in the treatment of infidelity. Infidelity causes significant damage for couples and results in a loss of trust and relationship stability. However, couples can become reunified and trust may be restored as couples work through the process of forgiveness.


Certifications range from Gottman Training as well as certificates in Infidelity, Ether Perel CEU, as well as CEU’s in 2019,2020,2021 pertaining to infidelity.

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