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  • "What can I say about Mel! When me and my husband of 16 years began our journey into couples counseling, we did so with the intention of improving the intimacy, trust and communication in our marriage. We wanted to reconnect. Our first experience with a different therapist was a BIG miss. After doing more research, we realized the importance of finding a therapist who is licensed and certified in marriage and family therapy (LMFT). Armed with this new knowledge, we were able to find Mel. After reading her great reviews and speaking with her on the phone, we knew we were in good hands. We loved that her methods included digging right into the heart and soul of our relationship and its issues, but she did do very strategically with purpose and goals for each session..."
    KM. K.
  • "My counseling experience with Ms. Jewels was wonderful. She helped me and my husband through a difficult time- she was professional and affordable."
    C. L.
  • "Melissa is an absolutely amazing therapist that I highly recommend. She is very easy to talk to and offers wonderful insight and teaching tools that have helped me and my son tremendously"
    O. K. C.
  • "In the short time that I have been going to Mellisa, she has helped in more ways than I could imagine. She's kind, patient, honest and will help in any situation. She's truly amazing! I can't thank her enough for the services she has provided for us. If anyone is in need of help, as we desperately were, contact her, she's unbelievable."
    M. J.
  • "Mellisa is insightful and very knowledgeable. She gave us the tools we needed to shift our relationship to a positive course. I love that it was not a life long process and we were able to use the tools and move forward quickly. I highly recommend her. Thank you Mellisa for helping us through a tough time in our relationship."
    J. F.
  • "What else can I say about Mellisa other than, SHE'S FANTASTIC?! She has taught me a lot about myself and my marriage that I never recognized (or wanted to admit). She saved my marriage. Hands down. So very highly recommended. I have never had anyone help me so much in my life."
    A. C.
  • "I highly recommend Mellisa as a marriage counselor. Our marriage was in a very negative place and she has brought us back to a positive and I would say better place then ever before. She is truly a caring and wonderful person !"
    M. L.
  • "I don't know if I can put into words the positive impact Mel had on my fiancé and I in just 5 sessions. Mel is hands down brilliant at what she does. Not only is she reliable, punctual and very on top of appointments,etc...she is warm, welcoming, empathetic and really understands the complexity of relationships. She truly is an amazing therapist. Mel's method is concise and directly targets problems in relationships. I highly recommend seeing Mel. She has helped us reinvent our relationship and taught us skills to navigate conflict in a healthy way. We could not be more grateful."
    M. S.
  • "Melissa is excellent! She gave us great tools to help us and taught us to open up and learn about each other in a way like we never have experienced before. We use her tools on a daily basis and it has made for a very happy marriage! We highly recommend her!"
    K. S.
  • "Mellisa is amazing at what she does. She helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She taught me so much about myself and I am forever thankful to have found her! I have recommended her to friends and they are also very happy. Should life throw me another curveball I wouldn't hesitate to see her again."
    L. T.
  • "Mellisa is very easy to talk to and learn from. She gave my partner and I a lot of great strategies to bring home and work on. She is a great therapist who cares about her patients. She is very knowledgeable and guides you to challenge yourself to be better as a person and in a relationship."
    A. C.
  • "Mellisa is absolutely amazing! She listened to us and really got to the root of what we needed to work on. She gave us great tools to work with and I’m so grateful because we’re stronger then ever! Thank you!"
    L. S.
  • "Mellisa was nothing short of amazing. My partner and I had experienced a trauma in our marriage that seemed insurmountable. After our very first session of therapy, however, hope for saving our marriage actually seemed possible. Mellisa was incredibly insightful and professional, as well as compassionate and warm. My partner and I have the upmost respect for her both as a therapist, and as a person. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need of marriage counseling."
    M. W.
  • "My fiance and I wanted to sort issues out before we got married. Mellisa helped us to do this by opening communication between the two of us. She was very professional and did not pressure us to continue sessions. Highly recommended!"
    J. W.
  • "My husband and I felt very comfortable with Mel from our first meeting with her. She was able to clarify issues for us, as well as inspire further discussion towards resolution after each session. Highly recommended."
    E. W.
  • "I had an online session with Melissa and it was amazing. It was engaging and very easy to utilize. Saves a lot of time too!"
    J. W.
  • "Mellisa has been helping my wife and I reconcile after a rough few parenthood years. She is exemplary in communications, and intelligently guides the sessions in a manner that invites expression of feelings and honesty, while providing a safe zone. Mellisa provides very strategic methods of engaging in solutions to our problems, and encourages a wonderful air of respect in our relationship. She is also successfully improving our co-parenting. Overall, Mellisa is excellent at counseling, and I highly recommend them."
    S. Q.
  • "5 stars"
    M. J.
  • "5 stars"
    M. B.

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